LittlePeople May Zing


Pup 4
Ben - His first dog.
Pippin - October 2009. Bath-time.
Pippin October 2009
Pippin August 2010

A relaxed Pippin - August 2010.

This picture won first prize at the 2010 TTA fun day.

Well done!

Rudolph and Ben at the TTA fun day.

To begin with Ben was not sure about dogs.

This picture tells the current story.

Pippin and Ben at the TTA fun day
TTA Fun day August 2010
Pippin, Daisy, Rudolph and Rhoni at the TTA fun day 2010.

Pippin on Cadair idris - February 2011.

Fantastic view.

Pipin on Cadair Idris
Pippin on his second birthday Pippin on his second birthday.
Pippin feeling sorry for himself. A lump was found on his leg. Ow is not doggie, but Pippin manages to get the idea over. Pippin in a collar
Pippin in collar being pampered A bit of T.L.C. and pampering helps.
Some time later - I don't think this one needs a caption. Pippin with wings
Beren with snow on his face TTs love snow.
Pippin and Beren - March 2013. Pip and Beren
Pippin and Beren in the snow Pippin and Beren.