LittlePeople's Pictures

The pups that have moved out have been kind enough to send us pictures to show how they are getting on. Some of these pictures are on the page below. To reduce the number of pictures on this page I have created separate pages for Rhoni's 2009 litter.

Rhodie & Max - Jix - Darcy - Pippin & Beren

Khados Lucy Locket among Littlepeople - born 5th September 2006.
We already have a cat called Lucy Locket, so chose a 'pet name' of Rhoni.
Rhoni in the bath
Rhoni Seated Rhoni having her weekly bath - not her favorite occupation.
Khados Lucy Locket among LittlePeople at the 2007 World TT Congress. Both the TTA and the TTBOC had their Championship shows over the weekend. Rhoni got a third at the TTBOC day - and qualified for Crufts 2008. Rhoni at the TTc Congress 2007
Rhoni and Pups 5th June 2009. Rhoni and her pups. The pups were born on 17/18 May. 3 boys and 3 girls.
Being a Stepmum. When you haven't yet learned how to keep certain bits clean its nice to have a stepmum to do it for you. Being a Step-mum
Rudolf at four and a bit weeks

Rudolph (pup number 6) at four and a bit weeks old. Right eye fine, middle of nose fine - left eye blue, and the rest of his nose still pink.

His nose will probably turn the right shade of black in the next few weeks, but it looks as if he will have a wall eye (China Eye).

Good job he is such a lovely pup; we could be keeping him. A visit to the vets for a quick 'snip' and he can live with the girls without causing 'problems'.

Mad dogs and Englishmen (the English Man is holding the camera). Mad dogs and Englishmen
Rhoni and Daisy

Rhoni and Daisy. Both LittlePeople - one by adoption and one by birth.

Khados Lucy Locket among LittlePeople

LittlePeople May Daisy

Darcy (30/07/09) Pup number 3. Currently splitting her time between he Midlands and Devon.   Darcy
Rhoni in the snow   If it snows Rhoni insits on sitting out and enjoying it (December 2009). If she can't catch it she just watches it fall.
Pippin in the snow (Decemer 2009). TTs love the snow.   Pippin in the snow
Pippin on Cadair Idris   Pippin on Cadair Idris February 2011.
Daisy June 2011.   Daisey June 2011
Blaise June 2013   Blaise June 2013.