Tibetan Terriers Are

Tibetan Terriers...

Have no road sense – keep them on a lead by a road.
Have a double coat – this is designed to knot – they need regular grooming.
Do not shed their coat (moult), but will scratch out hair.
Have fast growing hair when young - it itches.
Are people dogs – they are happiest as part of the pack and like to keep you in sight.
Should be at the bottom of the pack pecking order.
Are not sure about strangers, but love friends.
Will chase things – leaves, balls, cats, anything that moves quickly.
Can be managed by cats.
Will learn to speak cat – eventually – cats learn to speak TT faster.
Learn quickly, but need a reason to put their learning into practice.
Are stubborn and independent (see comment about training).
Have personalities - definitely.
Should eat after people.
Talk to you.
Always want the last word.
Don't like getting up in the morning.
Have bad days (Like everyone else).
Are descended from wolves.
Came from Tibet in the 1920s – they love snow.
Were designed as farm dogs (about 7,000 years ago) – herding (sheep, goats, and inebriated shepherds), guarding, watch dogs, that sort of thing.

Lick their lips when uncertain.
Yawn when uncertain.
Look away when uncertain.
Sit with their backs to you when unhappy.
Are like humans in that the will snap at you when annoyed.